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How to copy method with ADT 2.77

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is it possible to copy a method with ADT 2.77? I didn't yet find a context menu entry, which is able to do this.

When I right-click on a method in the project explorer, there are two entries called "Copy" in the context menu. For both, nothing happens, when I click on them. Even, if I have clicked on them and then mark the class and choose "Paste" from the context menu, nothing happens.

I am looking for a feature like SE80, right-click on a method in a class and say "Copy..."

Best regards,

Philipp Hinnah


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I've wondered about the difference between 'Copy' and 'Copy' menu items before. One seems to copy the entire class and the other the component, although the second option doesn't work.

Personally I haven't missed the feature. I copy and paste the method body and either use quick fix to generate the definition or copy and paste that too. Takes a few seconds and for the amount of times I have to do it, I don't really miss a one-step feature.

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Hi MIke,

sure, copying the source code is an option 😉

Thanks for feedback!