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how to copy existing query report into new query report in SQ00

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Hi Experts,

Hi Experts,

I want to add fields "company code" "'region" to existing query report AQZZ/SAPQUERY/FKF1============

(list of vendor address) for this i done as following:

1.In SQ01 go to "EDIT->other user group" and i selected user group as /SAPQUERY/FK

2.I typed F1 in query field and click change button

3.I clicked next screen button and entered into "change query f1: select fields screen".here i clicked "basic list" button and searched company code checkbox and saved it as result company code is appearing in the standard report"AQZZ/SAPQUERY/FKF1============"

but unfortunately there is no region field(LFA1-REGIO) for this i think i should copy the existing query report into new query report(Ex:Z_LIST_OF_VEND) which should be 14 characters.please tell me briefly how to do this because this is first time i am using SQ00.

one more issue is when i selected "edit-otheruser group" and choosing /SAPQUERY/FK i am getting only infoset "/SAPQUERY/FIKD" but i should need Info set: "/SAPQUERY/FIDD" please tell me how to add the previous one into user group.i think if i got /SAPQUERY/FIDD into usergroup /SAPQUERY/FK i can add region also into Query report as i mentioned above by going SQ01 ...............................

please help regarding this which should be very beneficiary to my carrier.




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Hi Experts ,

I solved issue by changing infoset in SQ02 by means of assigning field to field group and changed the query in SQ00.