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How to convert xstring data to PDF?



My requirement is as below:

  1. I have a invoice pdf which is being generated from the smartform. (Driver program is written in the output type configuration - NACE transaction)
  2. I am using 'CONVERT_OTF' to get the xstring value of the smartform.
  3. I am sending the xstring data to third party system which does the validation of the invoice, sign it and returns the xstring of the signed PDF. (API call is done to the third party system)
  4. I want to use the xstring of the signed PDF and print the signed PDF or display the print preview of the signed PDF. (This should be done inside driver program)

Can someone guide me how to achieve the same?


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So, your question behind the title "convert xstring to PDF" is in fact "display and print PDF" (PDF which is in the xstring). This question has been asked many many times (as you can see if you search "display pdf" or "print pdf"). Please try the solutions and revert back if you need more information.

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Hello @Sandra_Rossi , Thank you for your response. If you could help me provide few links that will be great help. We have to handle this in output type. That is the challenge! 

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I have already answered many times in the part, and many other people answered too, so you understand that people won't repeat themselves for the same questions again and again, that's the concept of forums, and it's not a challenge:

  1. display PDF
  2. print PDF