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How to check the layout defined for an ALV program

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Hi All,

I have an ALV-program which uses radio buttons to display the list either in an Hierarchical format or in a Simple list format. In the selection screen there is a field for specifying the layout.

Now the problem is, if a layout is created for Hierachical display and that layout is used to display the list in a simple list format the program doesn't give the desired output and vice versa.

So i need to put a check in the program, to check whether the layout given in the selection screen is meant for a Simple List display or for an Hierarchical display and accordingly throw an error message regarding the mismatch if any.

Is there any standard Function Module to check whether the layout is defined for a Simple List display or an Hieracrchical List display? Or is there any other way to do this checking????

Thanks in Advance!!!



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You can find which list is getting by debugging the code . Start debug in code : IF RADIO_Button = 'X'

Because with out using radio button it is not displaying the output. Better to find out where the code belongs to Radiobutton triggering.

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Hi Venkat,

The problem is:

I need to know whether the LAYOUT(given in the selection screen) is defined for a SIMPLE LIST DISPLAY or an HIERARCHICAL LIST DISPLAY. Now say for example user has selected a layout which has been defined for a Hierarchical List display but by mistake he has selected the radio button for a Simple List display. So, here is a mismatch and the program should detect this and throw some error message. Instead it is now displaying a wrong output which is resulting from the mismatch.