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How to Center Align Header Text in SALV

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I am facing an issue to set my header text in center.

I want to center align my text. How do i get my header text exactly in the center?

I have attached my code below. I tried Multiple ways but the position my text did not change. I want to align the header text in the center.

Thank You.

 METHOD display_alv.
*Create alv object.
        CALL METHOD cl_salv_table=>factory
            r_salv_table = lo_gr_alv
            t_table      = gt_finanl.

      CATCH cx_salv_msg.

    lo_gr_alv->set_screen_status( pfstatus      = 'STANDARD_FULLSCREEN'
                                  report        = 'SAPLSLVC_FULLSCREEN'
                                  set_functions = lo_gr_alv->c_functions_all

* Show all alv functions.
    lo_gr_functions = lo_gr_alv->get_functions( ).
    lo_gr_functions->set_all( abap_true ).
    lo_gr_functions->set_export_wordprocessor( abap_true ).

* Fit the columns
    lo_columns = lo_gr_alv->get_columns( ).
    lo_columns->set_optimize( abap_true ).

** Code to remove coloumn or change text for reference
*   try.
*       Lo_column ?= lo_columns->get_column( 'mandt' ).
*       Lo_column->set_visible( if_salv_c_bool_sap=>false ).
**      Lo_column->set_long_text( 'mytitle' ).
**      Lo_column->set_medium_text( 'mytitle' ).
**      Lo_column->set_short_text( 'mytitle' ).
*     Catch cx_salv_not_found.
*     Catch cx_salv_existing.
*     Catch cx_salv_data_error.
*   Endtry.

* header object
    CREATE OBJECT lo_header.

* Information in bold
    lo_h_label = lo_header->create_label( row = 1 column = 3 ).
    lo_h_label->set_text( gc_header ).

    lv_text = TEXT-100 && p_name.
    lo_h_label = lo_header->create_label( row = 2 column = 1 ).
    lo_h_label->set_text( lv_text ).

* Set the top of list using the header.
    lo_gr_alv->set_top_of_list( lo_header ).
* Set the top of list using the header for print.
    lo_gr_alv->set_top_of_list_print( lo_header ).

    lr_layout = lo_gr_alv->get_layout( ).
    ls_key-report = sy-repid.
*  If uv_change_mode = abap_true.
    ls_key-handle = 'h0ch'.
    lr_layout->set_key( ls_key ).
    lr_layout->set_default( abap_true ).
    lr_layout->set_save_restriction( '3' ).

* Display alv
    lo_gr_alv->display( ).


Active Contributor

That's not supported by SALV (as many other things), only directly with the OCX control (via CL_GUI_ALV_GRID).

Style values are defined in the include <CL_ALV_CONTROL>. It has been already discussed in the forum, so I let you search.

Accessing the control (CL_GUI_ALV_GRID instance) from SALV has been already discussed too.