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How to bold a row in ALV

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Hi all,

Is it possible to bold entire row based on validations.

Here i am checking a checking a condition, if that condition satisfies i nedd to bold that perticular row. If that is not possible at least one field in that row should be bold.

plz help me how can i do this...




Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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There is no BOLDing to a cell, row, or column in the ALV, you can however color the row.


Rich Heilman

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You have option to highlight a column when you are using the FM REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE. You can update the table IT_FIELDCAT for the column that needs to be emphasized.

emphasize (highlight column in color)

Value range: SPACE, 'X' or 'Cxyz' (x:'1'-'9'; y,z: '0'=off '1'=on)

'X' = The column is highlighted in the default color for color highlighting.

'Cxyz' = The column is highlighted in the coded color:

C: Color (coding must start with C)

x: Color number

y: Intensified

z: Inverse

Hope this helps.