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How to attach a file in Email body?

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I have the email format which is been called through screen, in that I have added a new button for attaching the file(any file format).

Please check the below screenshot:

So here, when I click on the attachment, I need to get the popup for asking the document to attach,

we can do this through -> CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog

But how to attach new file to the mail body?

Please let me know about this.




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Hi Hunt,

What kind of file do you want to add on email body?

Images ?

Secondly , why do u want to add file on email body, why dont u try it like attachment?

please let me know about this details.



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Hi Bektas,

Actually, I dont want to add file in email body, but adding a file should be like an attachment and file format is not in particular. So I need add any file as an attachment.



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Hello Hunt,

Are you using class cl_send_request_bcs to send an email with an attachment or Function Modules like "SO_DOCUMENT_API" is used in the program?

Would you like to display it in the screen once the documents are attached?. If yes, you would need to add a button as "Attachment List" and display the documents attached as list?

whats your requirement?

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Hi Sudar,

The Goal of my idea is to Attach a file(Any file) to the email.

If you see the Screenshot, Email body with sender mail id is ready(Almost everything is ready), but only thing left out is adding a new attachment to the email when the user click on the "Attachment" button

Nope, I haven`t used the SO_DOCUMENT_API. or the class: cl_send_request_bcs



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Nope, I haven`t used the SO_DOCUMENT_API. or the class: cl_send_request_bcs

So what are you using to send the email?

Apart this, you have to:

1- read the file as BIN or ASC (based the file extension) with cl_gui_frontend_services

2-save into your internal tables (1 for each attachment)

3-convert the BIN ones in XString

4-pass the tables to the corresponding method to generate attachment.

i suggest you to use CL_BCS class (and all its friends) since is more flexible in my opinion.

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Hi Simone,

I will give it a try for your update.

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As a side note - it seems like a rather strange idea to use SAP as a mail client... Wouldn't it be easier just to call Outlook? I imagine all those attachments also would be consuming space somewhere on the SAP server. Are you sure it's a good design decision?

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Hi Jelena,

Its not my decision and I like your suggestion too.

I will discuss with my team about this