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How to add GUI Stautus to selection-screen . please give some sample c

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How to add GUI Stautus to selection-screen . please give some sample code?


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I usually copy the standard status (<b>%_00</b> in function group <b>SETB</b>) to my report and adjust it. Status %_00 is used as GUI-status for selection screens if no other is provided. Add the following lines to your report:

  set pf-status 'SELSCREEN'.  " copy of %_00



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check the links

<a href=""></a>


shiba dutta

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please use RS_SELSCREEN_STATUS function module it will solve ur problme....



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U assign ur porgram to a transaction by going to se93. While creating the transaction select the types of transaction as Program and selection screen (report transaction). After this u go to se80 and open ur program. Now u can create GUI status .


Write the statement set pf-status 'STATUS' in ur program

Now double click on status it will ask u for creation and then u can create.

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aruna ch

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The GUI status of a selection screen is generated by the system. The SET PF-STATUS statement in the PBO event of the selection screen has no effect on the standard GUI status. If you want to use your own GUI status for a selection screen or deactivate functions in the standard GUI status, you can use one of the following function modules in the PBO event of the selection screen:


Sets another GUI status defined in the same ABAP program, or deactivates functions of the standard GUI status.


Sets a GUI status defined in an external function group. You must use the SET PF-STATUS statement to set the status in a special function module in this function group. You must pass the name of the function module that sets the status as a parameter to the function module RS_EXTERNAL_SELSCREEN_STATUS.

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