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how to access hidden fields in a table

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what is the use of hidden fields in a table, ie. some fields doesn't visible in the field list of a table. but the fileds will be visible if u display its contents.

for example in table t518A the text field is not visible in the field list. But it will be visible if display its contents. can any one of u please help me out how to access those fields.




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text field is part of table defination or not ?

if yes then it will display otherwise u are at wrong place.



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Hi ,

Check this thread.

Kishore Reddy

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Hi Srivallika,

The table T518A has a text table called T518B. You can have a look at this table by:-

1. GOTO SE11 and display table T518A.

2. GOTO menu GOTO -> TEXT table. It gives the text table for the given table. Here its is T518B.

A Text table is table with same key fields as the main table with another extra Language key TYPE SPRAS. This table is related to the main table. Hence to access the extra text fields, you can use the TEXT table :).

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this is not the case of hiding the fields of table.

the table t518b is text table to t518a.

that discription will be displayed to t518a.

this is general behaviour of text tables.

please see in behaviour of text tables.

1. u do one thing create a table containing one field

2. create the text table to table created in step 1.

3.the discription of text table key is displayed in table one.

please check it.