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How SAP stores ALVs in Excel

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I would like to know witch critheria makes SAP to export an ALV grid to Excel file. When I use the standar ALB button, the order of the columns is the same that in the ALV. But when I go to Menu -> List -> Export -> To excel, the excel file generated has all the ammount and quantity data in the finals columns in white color and the rest of columns are in yellow in the first columns.

My problem is that I need each quantity or amount with its corresponding unit next the value.

Thanks In Advance



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<b>When you do an Export to Excel from ALV</b> - The logic is with reference to your current field catalog ( order of columns, hidden/displayed layout settings etc) the DATA table is passed to the Excel. ALV calls a function module ALV_XXL_CALL for doing it.

On the contrary, when you do an Export to Excel for a list - its a very generic thing. The entire list is taken on to an internal table and passed to a File. The file is stored in ur presentation server( ur desktop) and Excel application opens this file.

So bottom line is in the first case SAP calls excel application then passes the data and in the second case it passes the data then calls the Excel to open the file.

Now coming back to ur requirement - You want all your units to come after your amount fields - you can create a layout in ALV ( in case you are operating from ALV) and if it is a list then also u ll have to do the same thing.

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<a href="">refer this</a>



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I really apreciate your help.