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How inbound Idocs are processed in ECC with 'trigger imediately' option

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Hi experts,

ECC receives Inbound Idocs from XI to create or update Shipments. If shipment already exists then XI sends 3 different idocs: the first one to set shipment status to 0, the second to unassign deliveries from shipment, and the third with data for update.

All idocs are sent from XI sequentially. In Partner profile we use option 'trigger immediately'.

Usually Idocs are processed in the order as they were sent from XI. But sometimes the second idoc is processed first.

Could you please tell me what happens when Idocs came to ECC? Is every idoc being processed by separate program (is it RBDAPP01) in a separate process? and how can I make ECC to process idocs in the correct order?


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In very general terms, the sender should include some serialisation information in the IDoc that the recipient can evaluate and make sure that the IDocs are processed in the correct order.

I don't know XI/PI, I would assume it offers such functionality. Search for available information/documentation.

Here is something from the ALE area:


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Thank you Thomas,

I heard about serialization but I want to understand in what order ECC processes incoming IDOCs if option 'Trigger immediately' is active. I read from one source that " If the value of the Processing field is set to Process Immediately, the IDoc is passed to the posting program using the RBDAPP01 program. RBDAPP01 is usually scheduled to run on a regular basis, or

it can be started as a result of an event raised by the subsystem after the IDoc file has been loaded into the

SAP system."

So I am wondering if several idocs are created in ECC at the same time will each idoc be processed by separate process or one process will run RBDAPP01 and all idocs will be processed sequentially in one process?

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It's been too long ago for me (8 years). Please study the options and online documentation RBDAPP01, you have "package size", an extra tab for "parallel processing", find out the parameters used when RBDAPP01 runs in your system.

Also double check the setting in the partner profile, I though "immediate processing" means that RBDAPP01 is not being used in this case. Might be wrong though.

Search for available information/documentation, there is plenty for this topic.


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To my knowledge, RBDAPP01 is not used for immediate processing, check out the following link,

I would assume that several dialog process will be triggered simultaneously for each IDOC (meaning separate process)