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How i know Authorization object in system?

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Hi all,

i create new BAdi with Enhancement Spot: ZWORKORDER_GOODSMVT (copy WORKORDER_GOODSMVT in standard SAP)

now i have Badi definition: ZWORKORDER_GOODSMVT


all ok.

now how i can see authorization object in Badi definition: WORKORDER_GOODSMVT (standard)? i already creat Authorization object but now i don't know what field and choose in maintain the authorization (from Badi definition: WORKORDER_GOODSMVT )

ex: 1. in package BSFC have interface IF_EX_BSFC_POLICY and method GET_POLICY

2. Authorzation object: B_BSFC (have field name: BSFC_APPL and ACTVT in maintain the authorzation)

because i get this and solve in my job.

when i activate the BAdI function called WORKORDER_GOODSMVT and assign to the a.m. authorization object???

Processing Logic:

• The backflush errors are created after the execution of backflushing transaction in Repetitive Manufacturing (REM) – t-code MF42N or MFBF

• If during the backflush execution the components are not available in the respective production storage location then system by default will create backflush errors

• Backflush errors will need to be cleared everyday and must be cleared before end month stock take

• Backflush errors can be processed using the following t-code:

o MF45 – Individual

o MF46 – Collective

o MF47 – Post processing List

o COGI – Post processing Individual Components

Authorization will be applied only for COGI, while others will not be used in PSECI

• Create new authorization object called Z_PP_COGI to be assigned later to the user id

• Activate the BAdI function called WORKORDER_GOODSMVT and assign to the a.m. authorization object

• For unauthorized users, an errors message will appear if they try to delete the backflush errors in COGI transaction as follows:

o You are not authorized to change/ delete the backflush errors! Please contact your superior!

Thanks so much all, ......


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