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How do I map T162S-FAUS1 and FAUS2 values to their respective fields


You can customize field selection for services using ML90. This uses view V_T162S.

I need a way to know which field corresponds to each position in this string. I need to be able to map the field to its corresponding values in that string.

Is there a table that will tell me which position each field is in so I can 'decode' the strings for FAUS1 and FAUS2? Is there a function module I should use instead?


The reason I'm doing this is that there are service fields that are configured to be required/hidden in the iw32 external tab. These are set via transaction ml90. I am trying to write a rfc that will return each field with their current configuration.


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I see tables

Should be able to get the mappins to FAUS1 and FAUS2 this way I think.


I've found that In table T162F, the field FAUNR (Field selection: column number) represents which position of the string (FAUS1/FAUS2) is for which screen field. But T162F we only see the description of the field and it's keyed on language.

I need to link this FAUNR to the actual screen field. I have not found a clear way to do this yet.

I am looking at table T162V which screen fieldnames but it is not obvious how to these two tables relate to each other.