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How convert days got into hours format

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How convert days got into hours format

In my requiremnt, I get a date from the following logic.

  • move time in step to work area

v_timeinstep = sy-datum - wa_pa0008_1-endda.

v_timeinstep = 100 * 100 * v_timeinstep / 36525.

MOVE v_timeinstep TO wa_pt_to_ft_list-timeinstp .

But actually, I should display the date coming here in hours format

can any one plese let me know.



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Hi Rohini,

Try these FM.





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what about multiplying with 24?

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Dear Rohini,

As such, your query is not clear.

Do you require no. of hours between any date range? if this is true, then try with FM "DELTA_TIME_DAY_HOUR".

Provide the following inputs

1. Start Time

2. End Time

3. Start Date

4. End Date

The result would be no. of minutes between the period. Divide the value by 60 to turn into no. of days.

Ex: Leave Start & End Times as blank and Provide start and end dates as 01.01.2008, 25.01.2008

The result would be 34.560 minutes. So divide by 60 to get no. hours.

Many Thanks,

Dharmendra Gali

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Some other user asked similar question...but I'm not sure about your requirement..

Can you check this link please..

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Solved myself.