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/home directory is not 90 GB

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Hi. I have just finished installing Virtual Box 6.1 and openSUSE 15.0. I am following the steps in the Installing AS ABAP 752SP04 on Linux Oracle Virtual Box Developer Edition document. I am at step 3, Check memory. When I issue the df -h, I get the below report. It says the home directory is only 29 GB. The second screen shot shows that I told Virtual Box to create a disk with 100 GB size. How come I don't see 100 GB for the home directory size? Does the df -h command report the actual size or the virtual size? Can I continue? Oh, by the way, I had to use the move command in Virtual Box to move the virtual machine to a bigger drive.


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When you create the volume the space will not immediately be allocated: VBOX knows it is supposed to be 100GB but won't actually use all of that unless you write to it. Reading from that disk device in the vm will return a lot of 0s, except for the part already written to by the installation.

That's one part of the story: the other is that /dev/sda is partitioned and already I can see that /home accounts for 40GB and / for 29GB. Perhaps you (or the installer) used the remaining space for swap. You can check that with the "swapon" command, no arguments.