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hi se11 table

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hi all

i have created database table in se11 and i have inserted records.

i want to tranport db table and its records from dev to production server.

how is this possible??




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Hello Rocky,

Did you create your Ztable with delivery class type "C - Customizing table"? If you did then you must have created a maintenance table for it also, so every time you create or change an entry, a transport request will be created and you can transport this together with its data to other clients or even different server systems (DEV, QA and PROD).

But if you did not choose the delivery type "C" then you have to populate it manually with your maintenance table or ABAP upload program.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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You need to create table maintaince for that table then you can trasnport it.

Check the below links :

Once you go utilities -> table maintaince generator ,here you need to choose

<b>Dialog data transport details</b> no or user recording routine..



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While creating table you have to store the table in a package. If you select a proper package at the time of saving a table, automatically SAP will ask for a transport request.

If you have stored the table as a local object by mistake then you will not be prompted for the transport request. In that case, you have to change the object directory entry of the table from local to any other proper package, you will be asked for a transport request. Then you can transport the table to allowed servers and upload data through ABAP Program by reading the text or excel file that contains your data.

If you are not able to do the above step, then set "Maintenance Allowed" option to your table and enter few records to the table through tcode "SE16". Then select all the records of the table and select "Transport Entries" option from the menu, you will be asked transport request. Then transport the request to required server. Automatically your table will be created and records will be inserted into it.

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