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Hi Reg Using inner join and for all entries with internal tabel

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I am working on a report which needs data to be retrieved from 12 internal tables..

I have used join condition to get the data's..i gotta probelm when i am retrieving same fields from different tables , i mean to say that i need to have vbak-vbeln ans ekkn-vbeln also

in my internal table i have declared it like

vbeln type vbak-vbeln

k_vbeln type ekkn-vbeln.

But when i am tried to fire a select query to retrieve this entries

i am getting only blank in the k_vbeln fields

Can any one suggest me some better way to do this?/


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Use FOR ALL ENTRIES option. because it will give good performance, easy to understand the coding.But you shold check itab is initial or not, then select entry


if itab[] is not initial.

select * from vbrp for all entries in itab

where vbeln = itab-vbeln


if itab is initial, select statement reads all entries from tabl.

reward if useful

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You can use For all entries instead of join....

Join reduces the performance so better not to use it..

If u can show the code then we can check where the problem is...

Otherwise if you want any sample code for ... For All Entries...

Then i can send you that..

Reward if helpful.