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Help with Stock Removal User Exit

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Hello All

To control the storage bin selection, I am using the user exit MWMTO004. When I use the transaction LT03 to create a transfer order the system selects the storage bin selected by me. However, when I create a transfer order through L_TO_CREATE_INT it doesnt select the storage bin chosen by me. After debugging the code in LT03, I found out that SAP locks the bin with lock object ELLQUAX and ELLQUAY and thus prevents it from re-selecting the same bin. Is there a way in the user exit, through which I can prevent selecting the same bin. I would be thankful for your inputs in this regard.

Thanks in Advance.


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Oh God, such a relief I solved it. SAP provides a FM, L_TO_CREATE_GET_INFO, which updates the quantity that has already been picked. The following is what I am doing to select a bin in the user exit:

1) Clear the internal table sent to the user exit (t_qmat).

2) Call the FM L_TO_CREATE_GET_INFO to check the quantity left in each bin.

3) Select a bin and insert that bin as the first record of the internal table.


Sunil Achyut