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Help with function mocule BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_CHANGE

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Hello all

I am working on a BAPI to receive info from an external system and either create or maintain Customer data (KNA1, KNVK) on SAP.

I am having a problem with the functionality of the BAPI

BAPI_ADDRESSCONTPART_CHANGE which I call from within my own BAPI.

The problem occurs when I attempt to insert a telephone number and a mobile number for the contact person.

I create the customer and then attempt to insert the telephone information using the tables BAPIADTEL and BAPIADTEL_X.

***landline data

IF NOT personal_data-tel1_numbr IS INITIAL.

MOVE: personal_data-tel1_numbr TO BAPIADTEL-telephone,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-telephone,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-std_no,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-r_3_user,

'I' TO bapiadtel_x-updateflag,

'X' TO BAPIADTEL-std_no,

'1' TO BAPIADTEL-r_3_user.


IF NOT personal_data-tel1_ext IS INITIAL.

MOVE: personal_data-tel1_ext TO BAPIADTEL-extension,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-extension,

'I' TO bapiadtel_x-updateflag.


APPEND: bapiadtelx, bapiadtel.

CLEAR: bapiadtelx, bapiadtel.

**mobile number data

MOVE: personal_data-mob_number TO bapiadtel-telephone,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-telephone,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-std_no,

'X' TO bapiadtel_x-r_3_user,

'I' TO bapiadtel_x-updateflag,

space TO bapiadtel-std_no,

'3' TO bapiadtel-r_3_user.

APPEND: bapiadtelx, bapiadtel.

CLEAR: bapiadtelx, bapiadtel.

***call Change BAPI

DATA: gobj_type_p LIKE bapi4003_1-objtype_p,

gobj_id_p LIKE bapi4003_1-objkey_p,

gobj_type_c LIKE bapi4003_1-objtype_c,

gobj_id_c LIKE bapi4003_1-objkey_c,

gobj_id_ext LIKE bapi4003_1-extension,

gcontext LIKE bapi4003_1-context,

MOVE: 'BUS1006001' TO gobj_type_p,

knvk-parnr TO gobj_id_p,

'KNA1' TO gobj_type_c,

kunnr TO gobj_id_c,

'0005' TO gcontext.



obj_type_p = gobj_type_p

obj_id_p = gobj_id_p

obj_type_c = gobj_type_c

obj_id_c = gobj_id_c

context = gcontext


bapiadtel = bapiadtel

bapiadtel_x = bapiadtelx

return = gt_return.

Prior to calling this code, the customer and contact person have already been created.

When I use this code, the above BAPI creates the mobile number twice in the contact person data, and inserts the landline number in the company contact details. I have tried various combination (example creating the

landline number first and then creating the mobile number) but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone had this problem and if so, can you tell me the solution please!!

Thanks and best regards



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Use the FM BAPI_ADDRESSORG_SAVEREPLICA' .This basically overites the address for vendor/customer/plant .



obj_type = la_objet

obj_id = la_id

context = la_context

iv_check_address = ''


return = wa_return

address_number = w_adrnum


bapiad1vl = it_ad1vl

bapiadtel = it_adtel

bapiadfax = it_adfax

bapiadtlx = it_adtlx

bapiadsmtp = it_adsmtp

bapiad_rem = it_ad_rem

bapicomrem = it_comrem.

Let me know if you have questions .