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Help needed on understading EDI standard option in WE20.

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Hello Experts,

We are working on a project where we will be sending MATMAS in EDI format of type 'E' (EDIFACT) to a third-party system. Following that, the WE20 -> EDI Standard tab was modified as shown in the screen grab below.

Here my expectation is to see the output in EDI format. But, I still see the output in XML format.

So, please help me in understanding the EDI Standard concept & how it can used with an example.

We are into ECC 6.0 EHP 4.

Thank you in advance your your inputs.

Best Regards,



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I'm confused... What are you referring to as "EDI format"? XML is data/file format, so I don't understand what could "EDI format" mean in this context.

You're also saying "I still see the output in XML format". See where? And again, what does "output" mean here?

"please help me in understanding the EDI Standard concept" - sorry, this is way beyond what could be a simple answer to a question. I see SAP_CPI there, so you probably have someone from SAP working with your account. I would ask them for "step by step" instructions since they should have very specific knowledge of setting up IDoc-based integration with ECC systems.