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help in sap scripts

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Hi Guys,

i have modified RVORDER01 standard form, i uploaded logo to this form, and assigned print program in NACE , now i want to see the print preview of this form. can any one help in this issue.

can any one guide me , after modifying MEDRUCK form , how to see the print preview ...

pls don't give me any links, if u give me the steps i will be greatful to u and i award full points..

Thanks in advance



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Execute the Tcode VA02 (sales order change).

Open any Sales order using F4 help (doc type has to be OR).

Then Click on the Print Priview Icon On Application toolbar.

This will Call the Print program which in turn calls ur Form..

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is SE71 you can see preview of SAPScript.

You will be able to see alignment of your windows and logo.

If you want to see data then you need to execute VA02 or VA03

and see print preview

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consider a scenario

u hve developed a smart form in 'SMARTFORMS' transaction as 'zpurchaseorder'.

if u want to assign it to standard printprogram .....

oneway of doing this is .....

goto nace

select EF ( application type)

click on output type outtype NEU( new po printout) and click on processing routines ... in the screen u will find


SHORTTEXT : Print output

PROGRAM : sapfm06p

FORMROUTINE :entry_neu


SMARTFORM : zpurchaseorder

give it and save it will ask for request number give u r own request number and save it .....then u r smartform n program name in TNAPR table it would be there ....then go to me22n n check with print preview

another way of doing this is

goto SE38

give 'RSNAST00' ( Selection Program for Issuing Output )

in this program search the fields sform ,pgnam,ronam(these r the fields for formname,programname,routine name) ........

search for sform in program rsnast00 u will find in line no: 816

859 tnapr-sform = nast-pfld3.

keep a break point here.

when u hit on printpreview in me22n it will take u into debugger editor with rsnast00 program ....where u can assign u r program name,smartform name,routine name .............(remember u need assign u r smartform name)


like this u can assign u r zsmartform to u r printprogram .

unless and untill u give it nace or rsnast00(runtime) u wont find the zsmartform entry in tnapr table ....

i hope u r clear now

rewards would be helpful

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For RVORDER --> Goto VA03 and give the sales order numeber then from menu Press Sales Document --> Issu output, then select your output type then press print preview button

From MEDRUCK --> Goto ME9F and give the Order number then press F8