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Help...About Material_Maintain_DARK. waiting online...

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Hello every one, i am trying to create a new view 'accounting 1' to a material,

in my programm i have fullfilled the following parameter, but there is always error after calling this Material_Maintain_DARK. with msgclass M3 and msg Nr 364, is there anyother fields i need to fill for amarc_ueb or ambew_ueb?

thanks a lot !!!!!

for amara_ueb

i_mara_ueb-mandt = sy-mandt.

i_mara_ueb-matnr = i_mara-matnr.

i_mara_ueb-tcode = 'MM01'.

i_mara_ueb-SPART = '03'.

for amarc_ueb.

i_marc_ueb-mandt = sy-mandt.

i_marc_ueb-matnr = i_mara-matnr.

  • i_marc_ueb-vkorg = i_mara-vkorg.

i_marc_ueb-werks = '0067'.

i_marc_ueb-sernp = 'Z001'.

i_marc_ueb-ladgr = 'Z001'.

i_marc_ueb-pstat = 'DEVBG'.

i_marc_ueb-mtvfp = 'KP'.

i_marc_ueb-ekgrp = 'P30'.

i_marc_ueb-dismm = 'ND'.

i_marc_ueb-sobsk = 'KF'.

i_marc_ueb-tranc = trans_counter.

for ambew_ueb

i_mbew_ueb-bklas = '3310'.

i_mbew_ueb-ekalr = 'X'.

i_mbew_ueb-hkmat = 'X'.

i_mbew_ueb-pstat = 'BG'.


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Better to use this FM instead::


Pass parameters: Material, Industry sector, Matl_type, BASIC_VIEW of structue HEADDATA of this function module.

Pass values: Langu , Matl_desc in structure MATERIALSDESCRIPTION of this FM.



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thank you for u reply, but i can only use this FBS in my programm, any other suggestions?

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I don't think that's error, Material already exist for one plant & it is extended for another plant.