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Header text manipulation (VA22)

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Is there any way we can manipulate header texts in sales documents in runtime, i.e can I fill the header texts through userexits while users use va21 or va22 ?

Complete scenario:

We have not configured text determination because the there are no fixed rules mentioned by our client.

Hence the users are keying in text based on some other characteristics. Once the quotation is final then they need to change the customer number in VA22 which is wiping off the texts. Now I need to fill that text box with the texts keyed in while creating the quotation. I can read the texts using the function module "READ_TEXT" but the question is how can I fill the textarea so that the user can modify the text before saving.


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Hi Neo,

Don't really understand what you mean, but if you want to modify the text, why don't you use the WRITE_TEXT function. Or you can use the call transaction ...


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WRITE_TEXT can post the text.

CALL TRANSACTION cannot fill the far as I know.

I need to fill the header text <b>EDITOR</b> in <b>RUNTIME</b> while using VA22 so that the user can modify the text. When the user runs VA22 and <b><i>change the customer number</i></b>, the previous header texts are erased.

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Hi Neo!

I searched a little in SAPMV45A, in SMOD and SE18 - but I didn't found a usefull exit in sales order transaction. Of course something can be done in 'at save', but I don't see an exit early enough (like 'move field to vbak') which has a connection to the text editor.

Header texts are displayed in a different report (SAPLV70T) and it's using objects -> no change of global data in SAPMV45A possible. There is an exit EXIT_SAPLV45T_001 in enhancement V45T0001 - try it, I don't know if it's only for checks (PAI, no changes).

If the customer needs this functionality at all costs: make a separate transaction where you input quotation number, new customer number; ENTER: read text, change quotation, save text; call transaction to changed quotation stopping at error (and just fill entry screen).