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HANA XSA, Error 413 request entity too large XSJS module in NodeJS?


Hi all,

I am using nodeJS application on HANA Platform with XSJS compatibility. Everything is fine but I want to set http request body size limit. I found "express" node module to set this value. However, if I use my own express instance in server.js, I have to bind application to server also. Therefore, I need to develop same codes in XSJS node mule in node_modules. I think, should pass the related option variables to XSJS node module but I did not find it.

I debug the standard node modules, SAP has developed middleware.js in xsjs lib node module. In "middleware.js" 95. line, there is hard-coded limit which is 1mb.

var options = {
    limit: '1mb',
    type: function() { return true; }

I think this code should be built by sap standard codes. I tried to change xsengine.ini configuration from HANA DB configurations. However, it did not work.

When I overwrite middleware.js file(I changed the file manually), it is overwritten by SAP when I started the application. It is also not worked.

So, what is the solution of the problem? It should be simple way to set this property.

When I use my custom nodeJS server without standard XSJS node module, everything is fine. However, it must be also possible to send related property with some variables or .json files.


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Hi xbarslan,

Could you resolve this issue? Am having a similar problem, can you please share if there is a resolution.



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Did anyone find a solution for such issue