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Goods Movement

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I want to do a goods movement from blocked to returns and returns to blocked.I tried using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE but i could not find a stock type for returns...?

How can i handle this...?

Thanks in advance...



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Wouldn't returns be "unrestricted-use"?


Rich Heilman

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We have a seperate stock type as returns in both the storage locations...

I could not find a stock type indicator for returns in the BAPI

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Will it not be possible to pass Move_TYPE = Return Movement Type and respective Stock Type to field STCK_TYPE while passing details in internal table GOODSMVT_ITEM.

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Yeah ashish,Iam trying to do what u r saying..My question is STCK_TYPE does not have an indicator for returns stock.These are the values we can give for that none represents returns....

STCK_TYPE : Stock type


Indicates the stock type to which the given quantity is posted.

Possible stocks are:

unrestricted-use stock (blank, F)

stock in quality inspection

(X, 2)

blocked stock (S, 3)


Select the corresponding indicator for the stock type required.


It is due to earlier release levels that there are two valid values for each stock type. Each value has the same effect.


'X' Quality inspection

'S' Blocked

'2' Quality inspection

'3' Blocked

'' Unrestricted-use

'F' Unrestricted-use