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GL Line Item Upload: Assignment to Profitability Segment

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I have a problem while loading GL line items using RFBIBL00 when assigning characteristic values to the "Assignment to Profitability Segment" Screen (SAPLKEAK,0300).

I am passing the values thru RKE_* fields in BBSEG structure but the program is assigning these values to a different field in FB01 transaction and the upload is failing due to this.

E.g.: For field RKE_BRSCH in BBSEG structure I have a value "KUW" but when I run the batch input for FB01, in Screen SAPLKEAK 0300, this value is getting populated in another field ARTNR.

I did search oss and could not find any reference to this issue ?

I assume there is something which need to be done at CO-PA configuration, any help wrt to this is highly appreciated.



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It looks as a problem with respect to field mappings.

If you have done 'AutofieldMapping', I would recomment you to check the field mappings again and correct manually if you need a change.

Let me know how it goes!

Regards, Murugesh AS

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Field Mapping is done correctly ... I just checked again.

Waiting for FI/CO consultant to respond to this, I feel this has something to do with "Activation of fields in Profitability Segment"

Will post one this is solved.



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Hi Ravi,

sorry , i don't know CO-PA, but

strikes your problem Coding blocks sub screens (TA: OXK1) ?

regards Andreas

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I think the screen which I am getting issue is the screen after the Coding blocks, and is called by a function module with in the Coding Block screen.

Any ways let me dig around in that area too.