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Hi All,

i am getting this error (GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED) in the program SAPLKKBL

include LKKBLF99. I checked some forums but still did not get any answer. Please find below the source code extract. Thanks in advance.

2758 form gen_field_out2.

2759 field-symbols <l_initial>.


2761 case gs_out-field_colcount.

2762 when 001.

2763 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

2764 assign <fm01> to <field>.

2765 gs_fc = gs_mfc01.

2766 else.

2767 assign <fs01> to <field>.

2768 gs_fc = gs_sfc01.

2769 endif.

2770 when 002.

2771 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

>>>> assign <fm02> to <field>.

2773 gs_fc = gs_mfc02.

2774 else.

2775 assign <fs02> to <field>.

2776 gs_fc = gs_sfc02.

2777 endif.

2778 when 003.

2779 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

2780 assign <fm03> to <field>.

2781 gs_fc = gs_mfc03.

2782 else.

2783 assign <fs03> to <field>.

2784 gs_fc = gs_sfc03.

2785 endif.

2786 when 004.

2787 if gs_out_flags-slave ne 'X'.

2788 assign <fm04> to <field>.

2789 gs_fc = gs_mfc04.


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Pedro Rosa

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Hi Priti,

Chcek the way you have defined your field catalog.

If you have any quantity or amount type of fields, you should make sure you are using correct referance types in the field catalog.



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I believe you aren't transfering all data for the ALV in the right way: probably something data are missing.

There's a tipical dump when ALV fm is called if something is wrong, check your code.


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I think u resolved this prob,

I am also getting same problem Please tell me how u resolved

Thanks in advance

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Dear Ravi ,

This error occurs if :

1. your ALV has more than 99 fields displayed, which it does not support .

in this case you have to set the rest of the fields in your itab to be hidden.

2. your ALV has a wrong fieldname in its field catalog.

Please check it_fieldcat before call the function reuse_alv*

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please share the solution for the same.

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I got the same error because i had used

gt_layout-coltab_fieldname = 'CELCOL'.

but field CELCOL was not specified in the table that I used on the REUSE_ALV.

That resolved my problem.

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I also got the same pblm,Here is my solution

.We need to use the same feildname for both, feilds in the the internaltable ( which we used to pass through ALV) and feild catalog feilds.



Edited by: vivekkv on Jul 9, 2011 9:57 AM

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Hi Priti,

99 % of all ALV errors are related to the ALV field catalog.

The best solution is to switch to SALV (class CL_SALV_TABLE). You do not have a field catalog in SALV though it is created internally.

There are good blogs and wikis on SALV on SCN.



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This error is usually triggered because of the layout.
If you cannot  configure layout correctly just do not use a layout when calling set_table_for_first_display .


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Hi Preeti ,

I have received this dump because in my quantity UOM field  there are invalid records.

You can either maintain the records from SPRO or change the data and try loading.


Abhishek Bhattacharya

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