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Getting the result ALV ready for input to be able to maintain the result

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Hi guys,

i did follow and implement this program to mass maintain variables in a broadcasting setting and save the new values back.

The program allows maintenance of infoobjects or variables via the selection screen. What i want to have is just to select a or many broadcast settings. After executed i can see all infoobjects, variable names and variable values in an ALV. The values for the variables used in the broadcast settings all begin with var_value then the value of that variable.This is the value i want to change therefore i need to have all fields after var_value input ready and maintainable there.

How can i get these field editible?

The thing is that the ALV result looks like

Var_name_1 name of variable 1

Var_name_2 name of variable 2

Var_name_3 name of variable 3

... so on till all variable names are listed in rows

Then further below the all the variables get their value.

Var_value_1 value for the variable_1

Var_value_2 value for the variable_2

Var_value_3 value for the variable_3

... so on till all variables have their value.

All these rows are not editable as a result of ALV. I want the Var_names be not editable as it is now but i want the Var_value fields be editable so we can change them in the ALV result and save them back.

How can i do this approach?

Any help, idea, hints appreciated.

Thanks and kind regards,


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This issue is solved.