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getting error while using the data element in ztable

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though i specified the length as 20 in dataelement when i am entering the dataelement i am getting this error

while i used help i got the following information

Number of positions < minimum number (1) for data type CHAR

Message no. DO253


A minimum length is required for the specified data type.

This minimum length is not reached by the specified number of positions.


Increase the number of positions or select a more appropriate data type with the possible entries help F4.


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This is strange, you shouldn't even be able to activate the dataelement type char with a length of 0. Revisit your data element and make sure that the length shows to be greater than 0 and reactivate your data element to make sure the newest version is active. In case you are referencing a domain in your data element do the same with the domain after validating that everything is correct (you can also use the check function). Then go back to your table and reenter the data element before activating your table.

Hope that helps,


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Re-activate your dataelement as well as table.


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Hi Raja,

We have to mention atleat char filed with a length of '1' and then activate ur dataelement ok..

Reward points if helpful.

Kiran Kumar.G.A

Have a Nice Day..

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1) The corresponding domain associated with the data element has output length > 0

( Under Defintion tab->Output characteristics category)

2) Length > 0 , if you are using a Built in Data type instead of Domain.

3) Both the Table/Dataelemet/Domain are activated.

Hope this helps.



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I'm facing a similar issue in S/4 2022:


@EndUserText.label: 'Span'

define abstract entity ZTRACE_TEST_API_SPAN


key span_id : abap.rawstring( 16 );

parent_span_id: abap.rawstring( 16 );


Number of positions < minimum number (256) for data type RSTR

I have no clue what it means..

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in my case it was just bad type. should be abap.raw(16)