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get internal table from submitted program.

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hello community

Is it possible to run a submit command to the fbl3n program RFITEMGL and then get the final internal table that displays the report (but I don't want to display the report) and exit the submit and continue my normal program? Or is it better to create a copy of the program?

but I don't want to display the report


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Rule one It is never better to copy a standard program.

If you can't use the standard SUBMIT options with appropriate function modules, then enhance the standard program, so that the internal table is persisted in a DB table. Then in your calling program, read the data from there.

Or find if there's a nice class/method or FM that gives you the same data.

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Rule one is to never touch SAP standard tables manually, but rule two is to not clone standard programs. But you are basically right, as usual.

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I thought rule one was Never talk about standard object copy

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The output is ALV, so you can get the ALV data using CL_SALV_BS_RUNTIME_INFO (among other possibilities). Already explained in the forum, blog posts and so on.