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get data from a module pool

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Hello ABAP Experts,

I am BW person, and looking to extract the data from the table display from one of the trasactions in R/3.

tcode: fmderive

i checked the the program it is : SAPMABADR (module pool)

fields of hte table belong to: structure FMDERIVE

If i can get the data into a internal table. That would be great, i can do the rest of the processing before i extract this data to BW.

Any suggestions appreciated.




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You will need to find out where this data is coming from, Do a SQL trace when running this program. It will give you a listing of the tables being hit. From there you need to extract the data from the db tables. You can not extract data from a module pool program.


Rich Heilman

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It is possible to extract data in internal table. The internal table should be of a particular STRUCTURE which is created in SE11. Populate the internal table in program.

I do not remember the exact command, but it is somewhat as below. With this it is possible to extract data in BW.

*<QUERY HEAD> "Always comment this statement

loop at it_data into wa_data.

append wa_data to it_fmderive.


*<QUERY BODY> "Always comment this statement

The internal table it_fmderive can be used to extract data in BW. This is the only way to extract data.

Also refer following link :

Best regards,


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The List being displayed is actually retrieved from TABADR table

.Write a select on this table to get the same data.



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Ravi has provided the table. So all you need to do is a SELECT statement.

data: iTABADR type table of  TABADR with header line.

select * into table iTABADR
             from  TABADR
                     where .........


Rich Heilman