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Generic Object Services

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I've created a Generic Object Service.

I want it to be available only for transaction ME22N,

Is there a way of disabling just my icon for all other transactions?



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Take a look at this:

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not really sure how to use it, I've got the service up and running, but want it available for ME22N, excute and check_status are the only methods I can override,

and from what I can see I don't call the contructor of the class?

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Hi Sims,

Here is the SAP Help on Object Services implementation for 47C.

Also, there is a BAdI GOS_SRV_SELECT available for your case of restricting Object Services. Here is the documentation:


This Add-in is used for selecting or restricting the Generic Object Services available. It can be used to deactivate all specific services or depending on user authorizations. It is also possible to modify the selection of available services with the system parameters (transaction, program).

The applications that include the Generic Object Services can make a preselection of the available services. These can be further restricted by using the add-in.


In the SELECT_SERVICES method, you receive the persistent object reference of the business object for which the service was requested as the IS_LPOR input parameter.

By using the CATID field, you can identify the repository in which the object has been stored (BO = Business Object Repository, BC = Business Class).

The TYPEID field contains the names of the business object type or the class names of the business class.

The INSTID field contains the object key of the business object or the business class.

You fill the ET_OPTIONS return parameter like a range table with the required services, which you can withdraw from value help of the SGS_SRVNAM data element or of the SGOSATTR table.


METHOD if_ex_gos_srv_select~select_services.

  • Exclude the Service for creation of attachments from the available services.

DATA: ls_option TYPE sgos_sels.

ls_option-sign = 'E'.

ls_option-option = 'EQ'.

ls_option-low = 'PCATTA_CREA'.

APPEND ls_option TO et_options.


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Good luck,