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Generation of Report from Table DBTABLOG

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Dear All,

I have activated the log for a table. For any changes made to this table a log is generated in DBTABLOG (while DBTABPRT is empty). These log entries can be viewed from transaction SCU3 or OY18.

My requirement is I want to generate a report which will be executed every month (as a backgroud job) listing all the deleted records in this table. But the problem is I'm unable to retrieve the values of field "LOGDATA" in table DBTABLOG since its datatype is LRAW.

My assumption is LOGDATA contains all the non key fields of the deleted row and field LOGKEY contains all the key fields.

Is there a way to see its contents. Also is there any other table which stores the contents of deleted row.




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Hi Sthepen,

you can use FM DBLOG_READ(_TABLE) to get the entries, in the last 200 lines of report RSVTPROT you can find the way to display these fields (after WHEN 'DETL'. * detailed dataset).

Alternatively you might make a call transaction for SCU3 (or OY18) to generate your desired output monthly.



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Can you please let me know how i have to configure / activate change logs for a table so that any changes to the table is reflected in the DBTABLOG table.

thank you,


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Hi Stephen,

I was going through SDN in search of a similar requirement you had. Were you able to find a solution. If possible can you share your code with me?