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Fuzzy search on Dynamic CDS field

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a fuzzy search on a CDS view(Z_P_VAB) which is a union of 2 CDS views(Z_I_VA & Z_I_VB).

View Z_I_VA has fields A, B

View Z_I_VB has field C, D

As both the views(Z_I_VA & Z_I_VB) have different fields, both of them have dynamic fields declared respectively to be able to create a union in Z_P_VAB.

Now, if I enable "defaultSearchElement" annotation on one of the fields to use fuzzy search and publish this as an OData service and consume it in a list report application, I get the following short dump. Any idea of what is going wrong in this scenario?

Database returned the SQL Code 7. Error text: feature not supported: contains cannot be supported on: ''