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Future of SAP Certification and SAP Certified Professionals

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Dear SDNers,

I am posting this forum to invite all the SAP Professionals specially SAP Certified Professionals to discuss the future of SAP Certification and SAP Certified Professionals.

Today i was browsing the forum discussions on SDN and i found one forum in which there was a link pointing to a website for SAP certification questions and when i went on that site, i shocked to see that there are more than 100 SAP certification questions published on the internet.

I again shocked to know that these kinds of discussions are still available on SDN and SAP has not taken any action against that website which has published these questions.

I just want to discuss if the SAP certification questions will be easily available on the internet then what will be the value of that certification and what will be the value of certified professionals.

I request to all of the SDNers and specially SAP Certified Professionals to take this discussion further towards a preventive action taken by SAP to stop these kinds of offences and to improve the certification process.

If you have any kind of suggestions for improving the certification process then you are most welcome in this thread.

Thanks & Regards

Sumit Bhutani


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If you want to see the complete discussion related to Future of SAP certification then please refer to the below mentioned thread.

Please go through it and provide your valuable suggestions and comments.

After all you are also a part of SDN and SAP heavilly relly on SDN to improve its Product, Process and Performance in market.

So here is a chance for you(SDNers) to do some contribution and help SAP to improve its productivity.


Sumit Bhutani