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Function module to find variants for module pool program

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I want to run a module pool program (KEU5) in the background with a variant, after doing some investigation I'm going to write a wrapper program to call the module pool as module pools can't be run in the background. I would like to select the variant for the module pool program on the selection screen of my wrapper program, is there a function module which will show me all the variants created for a program?

I've searched in SE37 for variants and have tried many of the suggestions but none seem to work and I'm not sure whether it's because I'm not using the correct function modules or if module pool programs store their variants in a different way to normal programs so these function modules aren't picking them up.

Any suggestions welcome.



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My suggestion will be

In your wrapper program create or (include) all the fields in your KEU5, then run the wrapper report and save the input values as variant . ( In your wrapper program using this values make simple bdc and call KEU5 ) transaction , that will work perfectly in background.

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Hi Guys ,

Can any one help me in getting the screen variants in Transportation while shipment cost creation and calculation.



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IN BDC we run module pool program in Back ground also. Just create proper BDC data table in your program and call the transaction you want to run.

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Pls check if this FM is useful.