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Function Module - PM_PARTER_UPDATE Impact ?

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I am looking for ways to change/update partners ship to party and sold to party in equipment ie IE02.

I have find function module PM_PARTNER_UPDATE .

I find PM_PARTNER_UPDATE is using direct update to IHPA in the source code.

My question is can i use this for Equipment master partner update. what will be impact? or any other way.

I try to create BDC . this will not possible due to during runtime we doesn't know how many lines in the partner screen (table control)

which line needs to be selected for sold to party or ship to party. ie for some equipments sold to party or ship to party comes in different line sequence. due to this selecting the line for sold to party or ship to party for updating the partner is difficult.



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It is an update function module which will be called from another FM PM_PARTNER_CALL_VB

and update that table after commit.

You can create an implicit enhancement in FM PM_PARTER_UPDATE and use it.

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Thanks for your reply.

My primary concern is if we use this fm is its have any impact ? becuase i am worried about direct update inside this fm


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There should not be any impact because there are many other

cases similar to this in PM module which update tables directly.

For example IHSG table will be directly updated by FM PM_SP_POST

which will becalled from FM PM_SP_CALL_VB.