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function group copy

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may any one suggest me how can i copy a function module from a client to another is there any download upload functionality or any std program for that

thanking you in advance


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u can do the copy in SE37 itself..

give the Fm name and say copy ..

this will ask to copy to the target name (Fm)

now the function group u need to take take care as u want to create a new one then

from se37 itself

goto -> function groups -> create group .

this is tthe way to do it .

now before u transport the Fm u need to release it and then transport ..

in my opinion u cannot copy a function module from one server to another ..

but in the client u can use it ..opening the same ..

see here only scripts are to be copied from one client to another ..

if u have the Fm in the same server with different clients y u need to do the copy ..

i think it will be there ..

just check this not in front of the system have a look at it ..



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Function Group/Function modules are clinet-indepenedent.. just like any other ABAP Program.. if you need them on another system, you will have to either recreate them or tie them to a Transport Req in the source system & import that into the target system.. ( if they are on the same system landscape).