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Does anyone know, why Material Provision Field BEIKZ is not adopted while creating a bill of material with the function CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE? Is this field not supported yet?


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I can see the field in T_STPO. What do you mean by not supported?

Check Documentation


  • Material provided by a vendor
    This indicator controls MRP. Only maintain this indicator for a material component if the material master record of the header material supports subcontracting (Special procurement field).
    The special procurement key for subcontracting means that all components of the BOM are provided free of charge to a subcontractor for further processing. The items are copied to a subcontract order.
    • If the item is provided to a vendor, do not enter any material provision indicator.
      Dependent requirements are generated for this item.
    • If the item is already at a vendor's premises and is not provided by us, do enter an indicator.
      No dependent requirements are generated for this item.
  • Material provided by a customer
    This indicator is not currently active.

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If configurations are wrong,it will not be updated.Maybe the problem he asked means this.

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Not sure about the functionality of this field, but it is part of T_STPO (tables parameter) in FM: CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE. (T_STPO-MAT_PROVIS)



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I am filling the field T_STPO-MAT_PROVIS with an 'L' by creating a BOM with CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE. After creating the BOM, I can't see an 'L' in the created BOM in the Material Provision field BEIKZ (Transaction csmb).

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Has anyone an idea, how to fill Material Provision in CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE and what to consider or include while filling Material Provision with an 'L'. I am running CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE and it is executed successfully! Material Proovision is filled with an 'L'. But in the new created BOM, there is no 'L' in Material Provision (Field BEIKZ)!

Has anyone experiences with that?

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I'm a developer,so this answer is biased.

I debugged the fm,the problem must be caused by configuration.If T418-TXPOS/BTPOS/DKPOS/INPOS is initial all,stpo-beikz will be clear.

But,this is the solution of my problem,maybe isn't others.

So,these problems,check configurations.We need understand the logic enough of the module.Or we need a senior management consultant.