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Forms and Print program Urgent please!!

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I have created a copy from a standard form (F150_dunn_01) and a print program (SAPLF150). Now, Could you tell me how can I know if the form is assigned to the program? or How to assign the program to the form?

I mean, assign to the Zform and Zprogram

Thanks and regards.


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Hi Adrian Samper,

Maybe u could try using the following syntax...

<b>CALL PROGRAM</b> Zform.


<b>CALL PROGRAM</b> Zprogram.

Hope it helps.



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William Wilstroth

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In customization( tcode spro ) u can find something called output control under basic function under each module. There you have to map the output types & the pgms & forms to be used.

By the way can you tell for which module or tcode you are using this. So that i can tell you some detail information regarding the same.



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To know the print program for any script(Form) go like this.

form -> check -> texts -> press enter key.

it will give attached print program for that script.

tell me know any problems on this.



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Hi .

There are two ways to find out the corresponding

print program for a sapscript form .

they are ,

1.go to the change editor of ur sapscript form in transaction se78 ,place ur cursor at any of ur screen field and goto ->print program ->symbol definition with dialog .

here u can find out the print program of ur corrsponding form.

2.when u r in ur main screen of tansaction se78 ,goto


here u can find out the print program of ur corrsponding form.

these r the two ways in finding out ur print programs of sapscript form.

reg any doubt reply me .

with regs,

karthik srinivasan

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As far as I understand you, you are talking about dunning letters. The forms are assigned in customizing:

SPRO -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Dunning -> Printout -> Assign Dunning Forms


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go for transaction se71 instead of se78.

regards .

karthik srinivasan.