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Foreign Currency Valuation 외화평가

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Hi, I have a question regarding TABLES related to Foreign Currency Valuation (T-Code: FALG_FCV).

Currently I am aware of only two tables, 1. FAGL_BSBW_HISTRY and 2. FAGL_BSBW_HST_BL.

It would be so hlepful if anyone could give an idea about questions below.

1. Does FAGL_BSBW_HISTRY table entry generated only when user checks to save log in FAGL_FCV?

( i.e. FAGL_FCV > Miscellaneous Tab > Save log check box )

Or valuated data is automatically save in the table when the valuation is ran and the log saving is

just for the user to follow up with the log list?

I am worried I might not be able to consider as "table entey = valuation done (of that document)"

2. If the table entry is only generated when the 'log saving' act is done, would be there any other

TABLE or VIEW or whatever from where I can make sure the the document is valuated?

Thank you for your time and would very much appreciate your answers !

Have a great day

#FAGL_FCV #Foreigh_currency_valuation #valuation #외화평가