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Find user exit : Outbound Delivery Creation

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Hi folks,

I need to find a user-exit during Outbound Delivery Creation that is able to access and update a field in the Packing area. The table and field name is <b>VEKP-EXIDV2</b>.

Does anybody have some idea? Any help will be appriciated.

Thanks in advance,



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In se38 give program name as "ZUSEREXIT" and run the program.Give Tcode for Outbound delivery creation as (vl01n)and execute..

You will get list of all User exits related to vl01n

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Following are the customer exits available for VL01N/VL02N,

V02V0001 Sales area determination for stock transport order

V02V0002 User exit for storage location determination

V02V0003 User exit for gate + matl staging area determination (headr)

V02V0004 User Exit for Staging Area Determination (Item)

V50PSTAT Delivery: Item Status Calculation

V50Q0001 Delivery Monitor: User Exits for Filling Display Fields

V50R0001 Collective processing for delivery creation

V50R0002 Collective processing for delivery creation

V50R0004 Calculation of stock for POs for shipping due date list

V50S0001 User Exits for Delivery Processing

V53C0001 Rough workload calculation in time per item

V53C0002 W&S: RWE enhancement - shipping material type/time slot

V53W0001 User exits for creating picking waves

VMDE0001 Shipping Interface: Error Handling - Inbound IDoc

VMDE0002 Shipping Interface: Message PICKSD (Picking, Outbound)

VMDE0003 Shipping Interface: Message SDPICK (Picking, Inbound)

VMDE0004 Shipping Interface: Message SDPACK (Packing, Inbound)

Hope this helps,


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Hi Sailatha,

I have checked for these but no one seems to be helpful for my requirement.

Does anybody have some idea whether any such exit exists.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Pragya,

Go to se80,give program name as SAPMV50A,then go to the subroutines node there u will find USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT .Write ur code here,i guess it will be helpful for u.Try this.



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Hi Nagaraj,

Kindly guide me what will be the impact if I write my code to update the field( in the Packing area. The table and field name is VEKP-EXIDV2. ).

Thanks and Regards,


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Hello Pragya,

Write the code inside

IF sy-uname = 'your user id'.




This will be reflected for you alone and check the impact.

Reward if it helps.


Senthil kumar