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Find underlying component type

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Hi, I have a structure which has few components. Is it possible to find the component type of the components?

Also is it possible to determine whether the component type is a table-type or a structure?


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Hi Arun,

U can check in SE11 transaction itself. If u place the cursor on component type, it shows automatically what type it is like structured type or not. And double click on component type, it takes u to that structure/data element. U can easily recognize the structured types in a structure, in the component u will be having that INCLUDE keyword, the fields after that, are the fields in that structure.

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Hi Arun,

You can try out with the help of a join on the tables DD02L and DD03L. In the DD02L, you would be having the tables and it table category (i.e., the type of the component you require INTTAB represents it as a structure and TRANSP represents transparent table.)

For example, if u have an include structure in a table, first hit the DD02L table and know whether it is a table or structure and then hit the table DD03L to know what are the include structures it is having. In this way, you can play around with it.

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