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File transfer between SAP to local server in background

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hi all, I would like to transfer a file from the SAP server to local Server in background.

CG3Y works fine but only in foreground.

I found some standard reports :

RSFTP005 check everything is ok

SAPFTP check

Check RFC destination SAPFTP...

... OK.

Ping RFC destination SAPFTP...

... OK.

Check RFC destination SAPFTPA...

... OK.

Ping RFC destination SAPFTPA...

... OK.

then program RSEPSFTP but I don't know which information to put in the selection screen.

I don't kow if I need to put IP adress with or whitout

or server name or ????

our SAP server is a windows NT one.

If one of you can help me to make an FTP test with standard progra that will help me to make a specific program or used standard one...



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Product and Topic Expert
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Open dataset , read file from SAP server

transfer to intenrla table.

close data set.


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In foreground ok

in background KO

I had sy-subrc = 21 with gui_download FM.

control_flush_error = 21

I tried with IP adress of the local server & server name in the domain.

Any other idea?

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for the program RSEPSFTP

you need to provide...

RFC destination - in the parameter RFC_DEST

Local file - in the parameter LOC_FILE

Local directory - in the parameter LOC_DIR

Remote file - in the parameter REM_FILE

Remote directory - in the parameter REM_DIR

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I always have the same message : 'Source file could not be opened'

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you must have correct accessrights; local (read); remote (read,write and execute);

check this for the remote side with RSEPSFTP and the ls - command

best regards


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Hi checkout in SAP technical.

Actually I am unable to give the link.

Edited by: UMANGmehta on Oct 7, 2010 3:47 PM

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For transferring file in background,

First you have to read that file using open dataset for input, and after reading that file you have to use open dataset for output.

for reference you can check below links.



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use OPEN DATASET lv_filename statement, where lv_filename should be the full network name of the file, something like '
shared_folder\subfolder\filename.txt'. In addition operation system user, that used by SAP on application server, should have the proper authorization to access the local PC through the network, OSS 117395 could be useful.