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Field Sequence Different in table control

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My problem is as follows.

I have a table control with some fields in the sequence.

1 - Field a, 2 - Field b, 4 - Field d.

Running the program shows the fields in the same sequence 1,2,4. I have added a new field to the control field c in the sequence 1,2,3,4 in the table control.

When I run the program the sequence of the fields is not 1,2,3,4 it comes as 3,1,2,4. The sequence of the fields is different from the one defined in the table control.

What could be the reason for such an issue ?


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Hi Abdul,

The sequence of fields defined in the Element List Window is correct. The real issue is with the Display of the fields when the table control is displayed during runtime. The fields appear in a different sequence

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no solution.

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HI Abhishek Jolly,

Check the table control in which order the field columns have been placed. it might be that 3rd field might be placed at 1st column. so remove that and put in between of 2 and 4.

if you are using custom structure for the internal table then put the 3rd field after the 2nd field.

Table control will display the data as it is based on the fields defined in the order in Internal table and

in the order it is placed in Table control in Screen painter.

Hope it shall be useful.