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Field label from data element (language dependent)

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I have 2 development systems and am struggling to get different language from a standard sap data element.

On Dev system 1 the program is:

   parameters:  l_file1  like filename-fileintern.

In the selection texts of the program I select "Dictionary ref." and the text is automatically populated with the value "Logical File" i.e. it picks it up from the data element FILEINTERN of the parameter.

Now I log out and log back in in German and in this field I have "logische Datei" i.e. as expected this is the value in the data element of FILEINTERN.

When I logon in English and execute the program, the selection screen has "Logical File", and when I login in German and execute the program the selection screen has "logische Datei".

All well and good at this point and everything works as expected.

On Dev system 2 I have exactly the same program i.e. the same parameter, and same selection text settings.

However when I logon in English and execute the program I get "Logical File", but when I log on in German and execute it displays "L_FILE1" i.e. the name of the parameter and not the data element text value?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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I think in the second system, the translation  the field is empty for German language.

goto SE11 and for the data element check the translation is maintained or not.




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Hi Glen,

there might have been differences in installation configuration of both developing systems. Check in Dev 2 if there is a translation to German of your data element.

I'm guessing you have some problem in your SAP installed languages. If so contact you SAP adm.



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Hi Edgar and Sree,

Yes I have checked the data element in both systems and it is identical. In fact in the 2nd system when I log in in German and display the selection text it is correctly in German, only when I execute the program I don't get the value on the screen!

I realise I can simply uncheck this "dictionary ref." and translate the value myself but i want to understand why this doesn't work.... argh.

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I suppose you can try to check differences in transaction SMLT yourself...

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Hi Glen ;

I think you should control the "TADIR" table from SE16N.If the "Original System" field is different ,you have to edit and enter the correct system name.