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Field in additional PO Header Tab is blank after saving PO(MM06E005)

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Hello Friends,

We put new input field in the header of ME21N - PO transaction under New Header Tab.

We have used the enhancement "MM06E005".

Following is the technical logic involved :

u2022First we created the data elements and Domains.

u2022Then we created the project SC_G011 using the CMOD transaction.

Thed did following steps for PO additional header fields :

A . Modify CI_EKKODB to include additional header fields ( .INCLUDE contain in table EKKO) for defining the following fields.

Field Name Data Element Domain Type/Size Single-value/range


SUPP_DEF ZDE_DEFAULT ZDO_DEFAULT CHAR/2 Single value selected from :Full default or Partial default

B.Modify screen exit u2013 SAPMM06E 0101 by double clicking on SAPLXM06 0101 to include the following new input fields.

  • Freight Beneficiary Country(FR_COUNTRY)

  • Supplier Default

C. Modify Function exit - EXIT_SAPMM06E_006 to populate the subscreen fields from EKKO with the values from the database under the include ZXM06U36.

D. Modify Function exit - EXIT_SAPMM06E_008 to transfer the values in the subscreen of the subscreen program to the main program of PO so that the contents of the subscreen fields updated to the database table EKKO under the include ZXM06U37.

Now problem is that FR_COUNTRY is mandatory field in PO and i save PO (ME21N)after inputing this value. But when i again check in ME22N or ME23N or EKKO the field is blank(instead of value entered by me).It is not updated while getting saved in some POs. This is happening only in case of some POs , not all Pos. So i think the enhancement done is not stable.

What can be the problem ???

Kindly Regards



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Sap has provide a sample in OSS [ Note 407975 - MM06E005: Collective note: Examples for implementation|] - compare with yours