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fb60 enhancement!

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Dear Experts!

Actually my requirement is to assign a different G/L Account(Reckon Account) to a vendor at the time of document posting, than the one that is actually assigned to a vendor at the time of vendor creation.

We have a venodr providng 5 different services and each vendor account is assoiated with a single reckon account, but at the time of document posting for a particular vendor (with different types of service with our organisation ) the transaction is considering the same reckon account for both the capital goods and the spares(services), which is not prefered.

Do we have any option to modify the reckon account of a vendor based on the material document so that if a particlar series of number is assigned to aparticlar reckon account irrespective of the actual reckon account of the vendor.

Kindly suggest me any other alternative to serve the purpose.

don't even know if it is exactly fb60 or any other place to achive the requirement.

My purpose is that if a vendor provides different type of services to the organisation then the document postiing houlkd consider the vendors corresponding reckon acccout bsed on the type of the transaction made i.e. different servcies generate different document serise and based on that no. series it should pick the relevant reckon account.

Apologies for complex explanation of the issue as iam a newbie don't know much how to go on with a particular task.

Thanks and Regards,




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This BADI will serve your purpose.




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Thanks a lot for your kind concern.

I'd get back to you soon.



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I have tried using the badi but unfortunately my Badi is not triggered at the time of document posting.

Could you please eloborate about how to use the above mentioned badi.

Thanks for your concern.



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refer to you another post F-53 enhancemnt

you will find the answer



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As far as I can remember one option is there which is called document splitting in FI postings . Please ask your functional to explore that ( or just check in the FI functional forum if it suits your requirement).

Since I dont have enough knowledge in functional area so only thing I can give you a link to explore



Shiba Prasad Dutta