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F110 - Payment Run creatimg XML file with # character in vendor bank account name.

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Hi Community,

Fico team is creating payment proposal in F110 team, once payment proposal is generated, processing it thorough payment run option in F110 t-code. Once payment run is happened an XML file is generated and being placed in AL11. The problem is in file for a particular vendor # character is coming in space between firstname & lastname.

For example:

Expecting ( SACHIN SINGH)


How to correct this issue, in bp master the vendor name is displaying properly without # but after f110 in file we are seeing this #. Hence f110 runs in background job, I can only perform debug at active state only but I was not able to debug at function modules when it is in released or finished state. Need your support.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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> an XML file is generated and being placed in AL11

This sentence doesn't make any sense. "AL11" is a UI that displays the local file system of the application server. A file cannot be placed in a UI! You probably mean, the XML file is placed in the local file system of the application server.

Regarding the actual problem: my guess is, there is not a space character (0x20) between first and last name, but some other whitespace, for example a tab character (0x09). "Some component" between the original ABAP input and the file output then converts this non-printable character into the standard error place-older '#'.

This "some component" could either be the XML renderer, or the File IO interface. What is used here for XML rendering? Some standard ABAP tool, or custom code? Depending on that, you can open a support ticket for that component, or have to debug yourself...

And what is used for File IO? I assume "OPEN DATASET"? In that case please check, whether the file is opened in text-mode or in binary-mode. As XML output usually needs to be UTF-8, writing an XML file in text-mode can lead to the behavior your describe here. You should always use binary-mode for writing XML files to the local file system.

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Could you

  • Check with OBPM3, which code page is assigned ?
  • Use FDTA and not AL11 to display/download file