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F-02 Postings, number of line items are limited to 999

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Hi all,

I am using CALL TRANSCATION method to post items into transaction F-02.

I am trying to post more than 1000 items. But I am getting an error "<i>Item 1000 should be created; a maximum of 999 items are allowed"</i>

I need to post 16000 items, how can I do this, Is there any other possibility?

Many Thanks,



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You can have 999 line items for <b>single document number</b>, you cannot post more than 999 to single document number.

You should post 16000 line items to different document numbers.


Sriram Ponna.

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You have to split the 1600 lines into two or more documents. I believe SAP recommends a maximum of 950 per document because of the possibility of automatically generated lines.

So you take your first 950 line items, total them and create an offsetting entry to a special GL created for this purpose and post the document. Then you take the remaining lines, total them and post another offsetting entry to the same GL used in the first document. The offsetting GL will net to zero.


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I can confirm that Rob's approach is correct. I've used this technique in many projects mainly using an "offset" a/c or a "suspense" a/c to balance the split docs.

Also, I suggest, when using the CALL TRANSACTION method, do not call transactions like F-02, F-43, F-53 etc. but call FB01 to post documents. This is because "variant transactions" like F-02 etc. are a lot dependent on FB00 settings and things can often go wrong when recording the BDC for these transactions especially when generating automatic line items like tax line. So its much safer to use FB01 instead as when your program runs in PRD (live) environment most probably its going to be scheduled as a Batch Job with a generic username for which the Basis will deny to change any FB00 settings as this user-id might be used in other Job Schedules.

Hope it made sense.



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Very helpful insight ...Soujata, can you post the section of the code where you do the split of the upload file? I have a similar problem and and thinking of doing a loop that checks the line count of the file and does the posting when it reaches 950. Then it would read to record 951 and repeat the posting procedure...but my ABAP skills are limited so I may have to hire a programmer...any assistance would be appreciated...